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KeyCrypt Technology Whitepaper

Technology Whitepaper

KeyCrypt Whitepaper

All data stored in LifeReady is protected by KeyCrypt encryption. Learn more about what this means in our technology whitepaper.

With KeyCrypt we encrypt everything. Not only is the specific content of your information encrypted and unreadable, but so is the Meta-Data. Meta-Data is used to described the data that's stored, which includes things like file names and creation dates. We encrypt all of that, so we truly have no knowledge of what you have stored.

This allows you to conveniently and securely share your information with your Trusted Parties without compromising security. Your encrypted data is shared to the Trusted Party first, who then receives the specific encryption key they need to decrypt that data on their client. The same operation happens on the way back too. Whenever your data is on the move we can ensure it's fully encrypted.

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If you're curious to find out more, or have any further questions, you can visit our Frequently Asked Questions or Contact Us directly.

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